Accessories for Signer Studio

Here a list of accessories that will give you professional quality videos.

Tripod + Holder

A steady holder for you iPad is obviously a must to use your iPad hands-free and capture sign language videos. To use the inovative "Motion Activated Recording" feature of Signer Studio the iPad or iPhone must be placed on a firm base. This is an inexpensive set that includes a tripod and holder that we have tried ourselves. It is light weigh and a bit flimsy, but you cannot beat the price.


Holder for Apple iPad

If you already have a tripod, then the iPad Tablet Tripod Mount enables you to attach your iPad to a tripod. This is a sturdy holder that has a convienent screw action release.


Bluetooth keyboard for Apple iPad

The Bluetooth Keyboard provides you with a physical keyboard. It is a great aid for entering subtitles or cue-cards and makes the workflow much a faster.


Apple iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 is a favorite for our team as Signer Studio runs perfectly on it. With the iPad Air 2, you will get consistently high quality video without issues such as frame drops.


Studio Lighting Kit

The Studio Lighting Kit is a great accessory that allows you to control the lighting when recording and look your best. The kit has two lights with one umbrella and a light without an umbrella. It is currently a best seller Amazon.


Studio Lighting Kit and includes Studio Background Screen

Unlike the Studio Lighting Kit, this kit is supplied with a green backdrop and two bright backlights. Signer Studio Pro+ allows you to export projects to Final Cut so images can be added to the background to replace the green backdrop. If you are planning to carry out a project (e.g. a children's book with pictures), then you definitely need one of these.