Signer Studio has many uses. Below are some examples.

All the videos on this page were recorded using Signer Studio.

Create Sign Language Videos

This video describes how Signer Studio can be used to record sign language videos. In this video Sigga Vala talks about the effort that went into recording a video at European Union of the Deaf (EUD) and how Signer Studio with it’s intelligent prompter would have made life a lot easier.

August 2016: Signer Studio Online that is discussed in this video is in final stages of development. Please contact us if you would like to be part of the Signer Studio Online beta tester program.

Signer Studio in Education

Signer Studio can be used in various ways in K-12 education through to the university level.

The following video gives an overview from the perspective of an K-12 educator and Masters student.


This video gives four examples of how Signer Studio can be used in K-12 education.

Exams and Quizzes

Quizzes and exams can be crated using Signer Studio. The questions and answers can be either in text of sign language. Here is an example of a text questionnaire about the solar system. In this case the student would sign the answers.


Or the teacher can sign the questions, and the student can either reply using sign language or type in the answers.

Oral Exams

For mainstreamed students as well as students in deaf schools, Signer Studio can be used for oral exams. If the teacher does not know sign language, he or she can use Signer Studio Online to send the test to a translator or interpreter. The translator would then translate the signed answers to text and send it back to the teacher.


With Signer Studio teachers can prepare outlines of essays for the kids to fill in. For example, a simple template could contain three clips with blank video with text explanations, i.e. “Introduction”, “Body” and “Conclusion”. Or it can be the other way around, students could create a report using sign language without a template to guide them. Teaches can afterwards show kids how to improve their flow of expression by showing where their sentences belong in the essay. The teacher can move the clips around to demonstrate.


Signer Studio is useful for bilingual programs. Using the prompter, students can translate written language and express it in sign language. Students can also watch clips in sign language and translate them into English using the text boxes below the clips. This helps build bridges between sign language and written language, which positively impacts deaf children’s overall linguistic development.