Signer Studio Collaboration

Signer Studio is the worlds first “Word Processor for Sign Language”

Signer Studio allows people that use Sign Language as their primary language to create video documents in their native language. In an educational setting, Signer Studio allows students to create essays, reports and other writing assignments in sign language.

Signer Studio is a collaboration of Semience and SHH, the The Communication Centre for The Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CCDHH) of Iceland. The CCDHH is a pioneer in using video authoring as an integral part of the education of deaf students. Sign Studio leverages the strong video platform created at Semience and the world leading domain expertise and experience of the CCDHH.

Signer Studio builds on the Semience video editing platform to make video capture, editing and sharing fast and easy. In addition, Signer Studio introduces a new technology aimed specifically at capturing sign language called “Sign Activated Recording”.

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