Signer Studio is a Word Processor for Sign Language.

Who is it for?

Signer Studio is for anyone that communicates or wants to communicate in Sign Language. Educators can create educational material, students can write essays, complete quizzes, take tests etc. Sign Language Interpreters can create translations. Clubs can create news bulletins. Facebook users can post on to Facebook.  

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A Complete Video Studio in an App

Signer Studio is a complete video production studio in an app. Signer Studio includes advanced video recording with an intelligent prompter and a video editor that integrates subtitle creation. Projects can be exported in multiple ways, from Facebook to Final Cut Pro.  

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Motion Activated Recording

Signer Studio uses patent pending motion activated recording. The camera detects when you start and stop signing and perfectly trims and chops up your presentation into manageable segments. No need to fiddle with the record button. No need to trim off the start and end of clips. Your presentation is segmented  and ready for editing and export.

Revise, Reorder, Re-sign

Signer Studio excels at letting you revise your presentation. Want to change the order of two sentences? Just drag them into place. Want to re-sign a sentence or two? Just tap a button and re-record only that segment. 

Editing sign language video in Signer Studio is like editing text in a word processor. That's why we call it a "Sign Processor".

Intelligent Prompter

When you have a prompter, you can organize your presentation beforehand and record it in one go. No need to memorize long sections of your presentation. No need to re-record multiple times. The prompter is even intelligent so that it advances at the right time.

Add Subtitles

In Signer Studio, each clip is associated with text. You can use that text as a prompt or as a subtitle. You can export subtitles  overlaid on your video or export them separately as .SRT for upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

For the Pros - Final Cut Pro Export

Signer Studio can export projects in FCPXML format that can be imported into Final Cut Pro. This allows you to add professional touches to your recording, including green-screen keying, titles and text effects.

Choose your version:

Signer Studio comes in 3 versions. Choose the one appropriate for you.

Lite Pro Pro +
Watermark: "Made with Signer Studio" Yes - -
Patented Motion Activated Recording Yes Yes Yes
High Definition (HD) Recording Yes Yes Yes
Fast Editing: Reorder, Re-record, Trim Yes Yes Yes
Subtitle Creation Yes Yes Yes
Export to Camera Roll Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Projects Limit 3 Yes Yes
Intelligent Prompter - Yes Yes
Export Subtitles to SRT - Yes Yes
Export video clips in full quality - Yes Yes
Export to Final Cut Pro - - Yes
Free Trial - 1 month 1 month
Price Free $3.99/mo $9.99/mo